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CO2 Heat Pump Technology

Glaciem Cooling Technologies have made CO2 Heat Pumps for commercial and industrial applications in hot climates a reality.  Glaciem Heat Pumps are a compelling option for businesses such as Hotels, Swimming Pools, and Gymnasiums.  This is game changing technology due to two key factors:

  1. CO2 when used in heat pumps is an extremely efficient refrigerant.  This means businesses with both cooling and heating requirements will no longer need to invest in other forms of hot water generation.  Gone are the banks of hot water services, gone are the gas-hungry boilers in the plant room.  Instead, get your heating cleanly and efficiently as a by-product of the cooling process!
  2. Glaciem’s super smart systems allow sources of renewable electrical energy to feed our heat pumps.  This means customers who already have a serious investment in renewable energy can make extremely efficient use of that resource, rather than exporting it to the grid, or missing out on any returns at all!
What is a Heat Pump?2020-08-28T08:45:21+09:30

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from a source of heat to a heat sink.

  • In many industrial processes, heat pumps are applied to recover process waste heat. They are used in dehumidifaction, distillation and evaporation processes, and also for water heating and combined heating and cooling. There are major opportunities in the food and chemical industries. (source EHPA)
  • Large heat pumps in commercial/institutional buildings use water loops (hydronic) for heat and cold distribution, so they can provide heating and cooling simultaneously. (source IEA)

Glaciem specialise in Commercial and Industrial Heat Pump applications.

What is COP?2020-08-28T10:22:38+09:30

The Coefficient of Performance (COP) is a measure of how much useful thermal work is done by a machine per unit of energy invested.

For example:

  • Common electrical water heaters in most houses have a COP of ~1
  • Gas fired water heaters commonly have a COP of ~0.85
  • A heat pump for heating water can have a COP exceeding 5!

Glaciem Solutions – CO2 Heat Pumps


High quality, High Efficiency CO2 Heat Pumps for many commercial and industrial applications

  • Harness CO2‘s extraordinary capacity for heat transfer
  • Generate hot water as a by-product of cooling

  • Eliminate the need for electric or gas fired hot water generation

  • Backed by extensive Research and Development

  • Supported with expert design, comissioning and advice

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