Thermal Energy Storage – How it Works


Our animation below demonstrates the role Glaciem’s Thermal Energy Storage (TES) can play in energy management, and the broad range of applications for which it is suitable.  Below that, you can learn all about our Advanced Control Forecasting Algorithm (ACFA), it’s the brains!  You can even see it all happening inside our TES!



Glaciem’s Advanced Control Forecasting Algorithm, ACFA, has been developed in conjunction with The University of South Australia (UniSA).  The cloud based system uses advanced mathematics to process several live streams of information, including energy pricing data, weather data, state of charge data, chiller plant control data etc, to determine the optimum system parameters for increased energy efficiency.

The charts below show the data moving through ACFA.  The system is able to forecast solar radiance and determine how much energy is available to be stored.  It then ensures the chiller is using that energy to freeze PCM in the TES unit.  The blue State of Charge chart shows periods of both storage, and discharge.

Solar PV and Chiller

  • The yellow line shows the actual daily solar power generated
  • The blue line shows ACFA ensuring TES is charged with PV energy.

State of Charge

  • This chart describes the ‘State of Charge’ of the TES unit

  • The dark blue line shows’s ACFA’s target storage volume. The system ensures charge and discharge cycles are kept in close conformance with this.

  • The light blue area shows energy being stored in the TES
  • The dark blue area shows energy being discharged from the TES

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