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Carbon Dioxide Refrigeration

Glaciem Cooling Technologies over many years have acquired and developed expertise in CO2 refrigeration, offering innovative and wide ranging solutions to the industry.

The flagship of the product range is our globally patented DP-CO2 technology.  This system incorporates Dew Point technology, allowing our systems to operate efficiently in high ambient conditions.  This represents a significant change within the refrigeration industry as this technological advancement will allow the world to move away from high Global Warming Potential (GWP) synthetic refrigerants.

In addition to DP-CO2 technology, Glaciem also offer CO2 systems with alternate pre-cooling options, and hybrid cascade systems.

Does Carbon Dioxide make a good refrigerant?2020-08-28T08:42:55+09:30

Although CO2 operates with high pressures, it is an excellent refrigerant in terms of efficiency and environmental impact. CO2 system technology has been widely adopted in Europe, Australia and is gaining in popularity in the USA.

Adapting CO2 systems in warm climates can be a challenge, however advances in technology are enabling engineers to design innovative ways to use CO2.   This makes it a cost effective and sustainable replacement for harmful synthetic refrigerants.

In general natural refrigerants such as CO2 offer the best long term pathway. At Glaciem we believe CO2 is the future for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications and we are considered industry leaders in its safe and efficient application.

What applications can Carbon Dioxide be used in?2020-08-28T08:44:12+09:30

Temperatures 0⁰C and above

Traditionally CO2 has only been used in low temperature applications however Glaciem’s DP-CO2 system enables it to be used efficiently in medium temperature and air conditioning applications.

Temperatures -18⁰C –to -25⁰C

CO2 used in applications between -18⁰C to -25⁰C demonstrates an increase in energy efficiency >20% when compared to R507 & R404A

  • Food Storage/Distribution centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Process Cooling
  • Beef Industry
  • Fish Industry
  • Poultry Industry
  • Ice Rinks
  • Ice Production

Temperatures < -35⁰C

Case studies have shown that CO2 has very high efficiencies in temperature applications below -35⁰C even out performing ammonia.

Blast Freezing

Blast Freezing

Plate Freezing

Spiral Freezing

What about HFC refrigerants?2018-05-28T10:29:29+09:30

In 2017 the Australian Federal Government amended the Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Legislation to include the phase out of HFC refrigerants.

A statutory 85 per cent phase-down of HFC imports commenced on the  1 January 2018. The phase-down will have a starting point of 8 Mt CO₂-e, based on Australia’s current demand and reduce to 1.6 Mt CO₂-e by 2037. The phase-down will be managed by import quota limits which will reduce every two years, and 90% of quota will be allocated to existing importers and the remaining 10% will be allocated to applicants through a ballot system or by Ministerial discretion.

The reduction in import quotas has seen a steep rise in the price of HFC refrigerants similar to those seen with the phase out of HCFC-R22.

What about HFO refrigerants?2018-05-28T10:34:47+09:30

HFO refrigerants are been developed as a replacement for HFC refrigerants. Their operating characteristics are very similar to the HFC’s they’re intended to replace. The chemical process to manufacture HFO is extremely complex raising questions about the eventual cost per Kg. There are also concerns relating to their environmental impact, as when HFO’s breakdown in the atmosphere they produce Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA), which poses serious risks to aquatic life.

Additionally, HFO’s, depending on their GWP, can be flammable and/or toxic.

What about Ammonia R717?2018-05-28T10:44:31+09:30

When installed with the appropriate safeguards, ammonia is an extremely efficient refrigerant, especially in large industrial applications.   Ammonia however, is toxic and flammable and has been at the centre of a number of unfortunate incidents which have led to loss of life.  This has raised serious concerns about the suitability of large charge ammonia systems in the occupied workplace.

Glaciem Solutions – Carbon Dioxide Technologies

CO2 Only Refrigeration Systems

Highly efficient CO2 only systems for a wide range of applications

CO2 Cascade Systems

CO2 refrigeration incorporating NH3 or HFC cascade

DP-CO2 – Dew Point Cooled CO2 Only Refrigeration

Award winning CO2 only refrigeration incorporating unique Dew Point cooling technology

  • Environmentally friendly, all natural refrigerant

  • Supported by expert engineering and comissioning advice

  • Up to 30% more efficient than conventional systems

  • Environmentally friendly, all natural refrigerant

  • Supported by expert engineering and comissioning advice

  • World’s most efficient air cooled CO2 refrigeration system in hot climates*
  • Globally patented technology

  • Winner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide ‘Applied Innovation’ Award 2017

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