Last week, for our Integrated Cooling System at ‘The Bend’ Motorsports Park in South Australia, Glaciem Cooling were declared winners of the AIRAH ‘Excellence in Refrigeration’ category at the national awards night. This accolade not only makes us feel very proud as it recognizes a lot of hard work, but we think it also reflects a renewed industry appetite for truly sustainable refrigeration outcomes. As a sector we are one step closer to making natural refrigerants the new standard, and enabling renewable uptake through the use of thermal batteries.

Icon projects take a lot of effort from a lot of people. To all of you that helped deliver this, you have our thanks. In particular, we’d like to acknowledge the following:

  • Peregrine Corporation – growing new ideas is risky and at some point involves stepping into the unknown. Peregrine Corporation had the trust and foresight walk with us. Thank you.
  • Peregrine Project Management – This system was installed whilst a restaurant, hotel, and race track was built around it. Phil Roach and team, hat’s off.
  • The University of South Australia – Professor Frank Bruno, Dr Martin Belusko, and your amazingly talented and dedicated team. This award is a testament to what can be achieved through Industry and Academia collaboration . We share this award with you guys.
  • TechinSA Early Commercialisation Support – A privilege to work with this department. Herve and the team helped refine our path to commercialisation and provided critical funding at a critical time. To have this support right here in South Australia was a huge benefit.
  • Glaciem Cooling Technologies – Innovation as a small business in global refrigeration is not for the faint hearted!.  This project succeeded because of our dogged adherence to our vision, and our ability to support each other. Our ‘Best on Ground’ for this project falls to Hesam Semsarilar. Hesam is an extremely talented and hard working design engineer. He spends half his time engineering systems and 3D modelling these systems in Solidworks, and the other half putting it all together in the real world. Someone with such a range of talent is a true asset to the Glaciem / University collaboration. Thanks Hesam, nice Yakchal mate.