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  • Our systems use CO2 as a natural non-flammable, non-toxic, inexpensive natural refrigerant.

  • CO2 is not subject to price rises and availability issues triggered by HFC phaseout.

  • Our CO2 refrigeration systems are built for hot climates. Our patented dew point technology sets a new standard for high efficiency in high ambient temperatures.

  • Our CO2 systems reduce CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by 65% compared to traditional R404A systems

  • Your energy consumption is typically lowered by >20% when using a Glaciem CO2 refrigeration system; this can be as much as 35%

  • Glaciem CO2 Heat Pumps use the energy removed for cooling for heating water (up to 90 degrees celsius) increasing system efficiency, achieving Coefficients of Performance (COP) ranging from 5 to 8 (for every unit of electrical energy it uses, the system delivers 5 to 8 units of thermal energy)