Australia’s Reef HQ Aquarium, an important part of Glaciem’s network, are showing that driving improvements in energy efficiency is not something limited to brand new buildings.  Through targeted infrastructure investment, the business have achieved a 50% reduction in grid electricity during a time of growth.  Key advances have included:

  • 13% first year savings by increasing indoor air temperature set-points by 1.5 °C with no significant costs or impacts on occupant thermal comfort or worker productivity.
  • Peak demand was decreased by 46% by upgrading the computerised building management system (BMS), HVAC, machinery and lighting; and by installing a 206-kW photovoltaic (PV) solar power system.

This case study is built upon principles close to the heart of business at Glaciem; 1) Energy use reduction initiatives do not have to cost the earth 2) Sensible capital investment can drive very attractive ROI’s.

Glaciem is looking forward to hearing more about the cutting-edge energy management initiatives at Reef HQ.  Read more at: